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Marty Ohlhaut, PMP, Instructor

Tips on Engagement in the Virtual Classroom – Part II

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April 30, 2011

More great tips on the virtual learning environment

I’ve taught a couple more on-line classes (sometimes called: Instructor-Led Virtual Classes) and have a few more thoughts to add to my original list.

My main new observation is about the importance of active participation – always critical in the classroom, but even more so in virtual ones. I’m doing minor restructuring of class content to provide more exercises for the participants. Some of my thoughts:

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Tips on Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

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January 31, 2011

Six suggestions for making the virtual class an engaged and talkative group of fellow students.

As corporate cost controls get stiffer, and corporate education budgets shrink accordingly, internet-based education is likely to increase, maybe exponentially. Whether you regard this as good news or bad news, it appears to be the wave of the future. 

Granted, for many of us the internet experience may not be as comfortable as the face-to-face environment, but there are several things instructors (and students too) can do to enhance the learning and knowledge exchange online.

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